Croizat Reloaded is a free, user-friendly, cross-platform desktop software package which biologists can use to integrate and analyze spatial data on species or other taxa and to explore geographical patterns in diversity under a panbiogeographic and graph-theoretic approach.

Panbiogeography provides a method for analyzing the geographic structure of distributions in order to generate predictions about the evolution of species and other taxa in space and time. As of today, there is no standard, general-purpose software for the analysis of distributional data under a panbiogeographic approach. Croizat Reloaded aims to solve that. It is based on the same database/analytical tools/map graphics model of many Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It does not have all the features and functions of a GIS, but this makes it much easier to use. Yet unlike GIS's, rather than concentrating on database and graphics flexibility, Croizat Reloaded is designed to perform specialized biological analyses, many of which are not readily available from GIS's.


An easy-to-use, interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI), with pulldown menus, dialog boxes, and other standard GUI controls.

Track analysis, with fast computing of individual tracks as minimum-spanning trees from a distance matrix among stations, as well as obtanining groups of compatible tracks (generalized tracks), using the MartiTracks program which is automatically run under the hood.

Data import in a variety of formats, including tab- and comma-delimited text generated by all the major online biodiversity databases (GBIF, VertNet, OBIS, iDigBio), as well as standard GIS shapefiles and KML files used by Google Earth.

Output of shapefiles and KML files readable for map display with any Geographic Information System (DIVA-GIS, QuantumGIS, ArcGIS).

Additional features (as direct seach and data retrieval from online biodiversity databases and grid analysis for locating of main massings) will be included in future releases.

Croizat Reloaded is written in Python, an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language, coupled with the portable, multi-platform Qt interface management library, and other free external libraries also written in Python and C/C++, as well as custom FORTRAN extensions.


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Croizat Reloaded main screenCroizat Reloaded/MartiTracks parameters dialogIndividual tracks generated by Croizat Reloaded displayed in Quantum GISGeneralidzed tracks generated by Croizat Reloaded/MartiTracks displayed in DIVA-GIS

Download & Installation

Source code and binary installaton packages are available from SourceForge. There is no need to download external files and perform complicated system configurations; everything needed is already included in the installation package. Notice: the binary installation package is available only for MS-Windows at this time. 

This program is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL3)

Documentation & Support

The software user's guide is included in the distribution package.

A community-driven support forum (Panbiog-L) is available at Google Groups. It is recommendable to join the forum for participating in discussions and exchanging questions about the software, as well as to get information about updates and bugs.


Mauro J. Cavalcanti
Ecoinformatics Studio
P.O. Box 46521
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BRAZIL